5.5HP 145PSI Base Mounted Rotary Screw Air Compressor By Chicago Pneumatic (3phase)
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The QRS rotary screw compressor can be conveniently installed anywhere in your workshop. This versatile system allows you to customize your settings to your operational needs. Its pressure variants range from 100-175 psig. Experience efficient and reliable performance, supported by features like no-wearing parts and an IE3 efficiency motor for energy savings.


Space Savings

The QRS models can be mounted in a wide range of styles. Get easy access to your compression system in a single location.


Low Maintenance

The QRS is manufactured with non-wearable parts. Reduce maintenance services and experience dependability, durability, and top performance for years.


Quiet Operations

The sound levels of a QRS model can reach as low as 61 dB(A). Its exceptionally quiet canopy produces a sound between 61 and 68 dB(A).


Money Savings

Get all the benefits of advanced compression without a compression room. Since the QRS can be installed and operated virtually anywhere, you can spend less on piping. Eliminate significant pressure drops from your business.


Cutting-Edge Screw Air

The QRS generates a significant amount of air efficiently, more than previous models.


IE3 Motor

The IE3 motors operate efficiently throughout the workday, minimizing energy spending and waste.



Some QRS models can be equipped with a refrigerator to produce dry air.


The QRS’s Standard Features

  • Standard Features
  • Low Sound Enclosures
  • Tri-voltage TEFC drive motors
  • All Major Components are Vibration Isolated
  • ES4000 Basic Controller (10-20M only)
  • 125 & 150 psig standard (10-20M only, 100 & 175 available with kit)
  • Simplified Maintenance from a Single Panel
  • Start/Stop Controls on 3 phase 3-7.5 HP units
  • Spin-on Oil & Separator Filters
  • Load/No Load Operation with Timed Shutdown on 10-20M and Single Phase Compressors
  • Lift Gate Charge $125 net (minimum)


Tech Specs

  • Horsepower: 5.5hp
  • PSI: 145 (Pressure)
  • Outlet CFM Max: 18 (Flow)
  • Max PSI: 145
  • Volts: 230, 460, 208
  • Phase: 1, 2, 3
  • Fuel: Electric


Dimensions & Weight

  • Tank Size: 60 Gallons
  • Tank Orientation: Horizontal, Base Mounted, Tank Mounted
  • (A) Length: 24″
  • (B) Width: 25″
  • (C) Height: 37″
  • Weight: 351 lbs