CNR 75

Chicago Pneumatic, CNR 75, 7.5HP, 460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Gallon, Horizontal Tank Mounted Oil-Free Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor
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The Chicago Pneumatic CNR 75 provides the most advanced CleanAIR technology and exceptional reliability. With over 16,000 hours of operational time, it is among the longest-lasting compressors on the market. It is %100 oil-free and reduces energy usage significantly. Featuring cutting-edge compression components and technology, the Chicago Pneumatic CNR 75 generates hours of clean air.

Experience the Latest Standard Features

  • Oil-Free Class 0 PumpTEFC Drive Motor
  • Silent Canopy Enclosure
  • Y/D Starter
  • Pressure Transducer
  • ASME Epoxy Coated Tank
  • AirlogicT Touchscreen Controller

What Industries Benefit From Oil-Free Compression?

  • Food and Drink: Ensure your restaurant, bar, or other food or drink operation is safe and healthy always.
  • Electronics: Completely clean your electronics so they stay functional.
  • Chemicals and Plastic: Guarantee pure and totally useable products for your clients.
  • Clothes and Fashion: Design clean, quality clothing with advanced compression for your textiles.

Tech Specs

  • Horsepower: 7.5hp
  • PSI: 145 (Pressure)
  • Outlet CFM Max: 24 (Flow)
  • Max PSI: 145
  • Volts: 460
  • Phase: 3
  • Available Options: Tank Mounted, 2 Stage

Dimensions & Weight

  • Tank Size: 60 Gallons
  • Tank Orientation: Horizontal
  • (A) Length: 69″
  • (B) Width: 32″
  • (C) Height: 52″