50HP 125PSI Variable Speed Rotary Screw Air Compressor By Chicago Pneumatic (460v)
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Experience the power of the CPVSM 50, a compressor that adapts to your precise air demand, resulting in optimized energy usage and remarkable savings. It maintains reliability with its belt-free design, efficient cooling system, and heavy-duty motors. Stay connected and in control with remote monitoring, notifications, and planned service interventions.


Conserve the Most Energy With the CPVSM

The CPVSM provides the perfect amount of air required by your operation without going over or under. Your air compression will match your unique demands, significantly reducing energy waste.


Dependable Operation With Minimal Maintenance

The CPVSM’s IP55 motor, oil and air coolers, filtration system, and no-belt operation ensures you can depend on it to function fully throughout the day.


Connect to the CPVSM Anywhere

The CPVSM provides remote monitoring and connectivity, allowing users to control their operation virtually anywhere. Receive nearly instant shutdown alerts to stay informed about downtime and service interventions to keep your CPVSM in prime condition.


Seamless Installation and Use

  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Functional without a specialized foundation
  • Compact size with a minimal footprint and limited space required
  • Intuitive controller


Boost in Production

  • No belts required – no more belt repairs, replacements, tensioning, or maintenance
  • Comfortable gear transmission with minimal noise
  • Quiet operation
  • High-capacity oil and air coolers
  • Advanced filtration components and systems
  • State-of-the-art IP55 motors


Clear, Streamlined Connection

  • Remote connecting – connect to your system virtually anywhere
  • Nearly instant operation shutdown alarms and notifications
  • Cost maximization and efficiency council


Cost-Effective Performance

  • Up to 3% savings
  • Standardized IE3 motor
  • Variable Speed option


Enhanced Efficiency With the ES4000S Controller

The CPVSM is equipped with the standard ES4000S controller, enabling users to manage and control their compression at the click of a button. It is simple to use and easy to navigate. Plus, it provides the following benefits for operations of all sizes and complexities:

  • Remote monitoring to keep track of your compression’s performance and conserve energy.
  • Comprehensive and routine maintenance checks to ensure your compressor is in optimal condition.
  • Threat detection, alarms, and notifications for system failure prevention to keep your operation safe and functional.


An Advanced Gear Transmission to Maximize Your Compression

The CPVSM operates without belts, so you’ll never worry about belt misalignment, replacement, or failure. The no-belt function reduces maintenance and downtime. Experience up to 3% more energy than belt compressors can provide.


 Standard Features

  • Low Sound Enclosure
  • Wye-Delta Reduced Voltage Starting
  • TEFC Motor
  • 100 – 125 psig Available (125 psig units are stocked)
  • ES4000 Touch Controller
  • Illuminated Maintenance Indicators
  • Quick Access Panels Reduce Maintenance Time
  • NEMA 1 Electrical Protection
  • Filtration Mats
  • Pre-filter
  • Oil separator
  • Electrical cubicle
  • Converter
  • Air filter
  • Air end
  • Motor
  • Fan Motor
  • Gearbox
  • Dryer
  • Oil-sight glass & oil-refill
  • Oil-filter


Save More Energy With Variable Speed Drive

The CPVSM is outfitted with variable speed technology (VSD). This technology regulates air compression and production, ensuring you aren’t generating more air than you need. Users often save significantly on their energy usage and cost with VSD technology.


Tech Specs

  • Horsepower: 50hp
  • PSI: 125 (Pressure)
  • Outlet CFM Max: 235 (Flow)
  • Max PSI: 125
  • Volts: 460
  • Phase: 3
  • Fuel: Electric
  • Available Options: Does Not Include Dryer, Base Mounted


Dimensions & Weight

  • Tank Orientation: None
  • (A) Length: 52″
  • (B) Width: 32.7″
  • (C) Height: 61.2″
  • Weight: 1380.1 lbs