SPR 30

30HP 100PSI Oil-Free Scroll (Super Quiet) Compressor By Chicago Pneumatic (460v, 65dBA)
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The 30HP 100PSI oil-free scroll compressor by Chicago Pneumatic features a user-friendly design with forklift openings and accessible maintenance areas, noise levels as low as 63 to 65 dB(A) for enhanced user comfort, and intelligently optimized scroll modules for optimal pressure management and savings. These compressors ensure top-tier air quality, convenient handling, and unparalleled efficiency for a wide range of applications.



  • Class zero certified (no oil) and integrated dryer
  • Stacked modules for a minimized footprint
  • Forklift openings, non-sharp canopy corners, easy access for re-greasing and belt tensioning
  • From 63 to 65 dB(A) sound levels
  • Organized piping


Tech Specs

  • Horsepower: 3hp
  • PSI: 116 (Pressure)
  • Outlet CFM Max: 8.9 (Flow)
  • Max PSI: 116
  • Volts: 208, 230, 460
  • Phase: 3
  • Available Options: Does Not Include Dryer, Base Mounted, 2 Stage


Dimensions & Weight

  • Tank Orientation: Base Mounted
  • (A) Length: 29.9″
  • (B) Width: 27.2″
  • (C) Height: 33.1″
  • Weight: 276 lbs